Are you new to Dubsado and have absolutely no idea what you're doing when setting it up?!


You're not alone! I was, most definitely, where you are right now.


Trust me when I say there is a right and wrong way to go about setting up your Dubsado account, and the moment you hit search on Google you find yourself in a never-ending circle of information that doesn't make it clear what you need to attack first.


It's overwhelming, and one of the biggest reasons people get stuck and give up on setting up their account. BUT...don't give up! 


Well, this Trello board will give you every task you need to get your account up and running, along with links to the help centre articles to show you how.


Tick them off one-by-one and before you know it you'll have a lovely complete Dubsado account, ready to use with your clients.

Dubsado Checklist Trello Board

  • This includes the following:

    • A strategically organised Trello board (stick to the order to make sure you get your Dubsado set up in the most efficient way possible)
    • Links to help guides if you get stuck
    • Checklists of tasks to complete
    • BONUS How to Map Your Client Process Workbook to help you figure out how to get your workflow out of your head and into Dubsado
    • BONUS Example workflows to help you get started
  • We stand behind our products and your satisfaction with them is important to us. However, because our products are digital goods delivered via Internet download we generally offer no refunds.