What is a Client Goodbye Pack?

Do you have a Client Welcome Pack? If yes, then high-five!


Now, next question is, do you have a Client Goodbye Pack?! I've been creating one lately, as my Intro / Welcome packs are looking good, but I'd only recently thought about creating a Goodbye Pack. Probably not something you’ve thought about before. But I feel like it can be that added touch that most people forget about, therefore, making you stand out in the crowd when it comes to client experience.⠀

I usually send out an email that goes over the off-boarding process when I've finished working with a client. Most of it is filled with my GDPR Data Policy on what I do with your information once our contract has ended. Boring, but important. Clients want to know that all the logins I've had access to are all deleted.⠀

Having a Goodbye Pack is another way to make a client feel like you won't just vanish now that you've completed the work and got payment. It's these little touches that make the clients feel special. Plus, it gives a definite end to a project, which can be really important for some clients (you know the ones, we all have them!).⠀


So, what do you put in a Client Goodbye Pack, I hear your say?

For me, I keep it simple, and a lot of what I put in the Welcome Pack goes in the Goodbye Pack. Here are the sections I have in my Goodbye Pack:


Thank You's:

This is where I like to say a heartfelt thank you to my clients for choosing me to be a small part of their business journey. This will be a general type of thank you within the pdf, so I leave more personal thank you's for the email that goes along with the pdf.


Deliverables of the Project:

What did I actually do for them. Use bullet points here to summarise.



Yup, don’t forget about the data protection side to off-boarding a client. Let them feel safe that you’ve deleted any login details you might have, or data that you no longer need. Link to your Data Protection Policy if you want to also.


Resources & Troubleshooting:

Do you have any useful links you can add in here to help guide them on their way. Maybe a useful blog post you wrote, or if they need to get back in contact with you what your hourly rate is for that.


How to Contact You:

This is just copy and pasted from my Welcome Pack. Add in your office hours and how quickly you reply to emails/messages. You can add in any social handles also, just in case they don’t already follow you.


Additional Services:

Time for a bit of promotion! Use this to show off the other services you offer. They may have no idea about some of these, so sharing these here may turn your ex-client back into a client again.


Some extra sections you might want to include are: Any referral schemes you may have, and a link to your feedback form and a testimonial request.

This Goodbye Pack is something I go over with my clients when we work on their Dubsado setup. Onboarding is such an important part of the process, but offboarding can be just as important. No client wants to feel like you've just abandoned them once you've completed the project, like you've just vanished and the client is not sure if the project is actually over or not. Having that official goodbye sets a boundary. It lets people know that, yes, we are done! Give them as much attention when you offboard as you do when you onboard. It'll make a difference, I promise!

If you want to learn more about how I can help you more with great added bonuses like a Goodbye Pack in your offboarding workflow, come check out my CLIENT EXPERIENCE INTENSIVE package where we will map out your client process, from start to finish, making it streamlined and wow-worthy!

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