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Do you want a referral-worthy client experience that saves you 5+ hours a week


without being chained to your inbox 

You know you need to streamline and automate your client process, but you have no idea where to begin...




You know you need to streamline your way of working with your clients, but you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed and distracted by all the option.

There are 3 big mistakes I see when people try to streamline their client experience...

          Trying to DIY it for free....you want your life to be easier, you gotta pay!

          Not taking time to think about your client experience holistically and only focusing on the delivery part

          and not paying attention to the other three parts of the experience

          Wasting way too much time on other (long-term) marketing strategies that are not bringing in consistent

          leads...posting consistently, writing blog posts, Pinterest, podcasts, YouTube...the list is endless. 

How would your business (and life!) be different if you could...

Create an automated system that let's you book clients in your sleep

Have 5+ more hours every week to do whatever the heck you want!

Have a client experience that lifts your service to the next level

Create consistent income and even charge more and get hired for it, all because your clients rave about what it's like to work with you

Build a business that works around you and the life you want...hello evenings and weekends!

That's why I can't wait to introduce you to 

Here's how The Streamlined Collective is different from other programs...

Everyone else is probably teaching you all these marketing strategies that may work long-term, but not everyone has got time for long term. You probably wants leads now, right? So, why not focus your time and energy on the one thing that brings in the most amount of leads.......word of mouth.

And how do you guarantee more enquiries coming from word of mouth? You make sure your process of working with your clients is streamlined, automated and has all the wow-factor in their to keep your clients happy, confident and well-informed at every point in the project.

When we implement my proven system...


You’re feeling absolutely overwhelmed because you’re doing all the admin, manually creating every email, proposal, invoice, contract. Sick of writing the same email for the 10th time today. Sick of creating proposals from scratch every time.

You can onboard a lead and only need to show up to the discovery call. Your automated, beautiful proposals convert better and you don’t even need to touch them! You don’t have to spend one-hour crafting an email to someone who hasn’t paid their invoice on time because Dubsado now does it all.

You’re forgetting to send clients emails, forms because your process of working with a client is all in your head and your actual todo list is a mile long.

Your clients are constantly telling you how much they enjoyed working with you because projects were well managed, and delivered on time. You set expectations and delivered. They felt so cared for that they now shout about you to anyone who will listen. Who needs a referral scheme anyway?!

You’re up late at night, working weekends, and hating the fact that you aren’t actually spending any time growing your business, never mind spending time with your family, doing the things you love to do.

You take your kids to the beach and actually leave your phone at home because your automated onboarding workflow is doing all the hard work for you.

If you're ready to go from being an overwhelmed entrepreneur to someone who has more time to actually work on their passion project, but you need someone who's been there done that to guide the way... 


I created The Streamlined Collective for you!


So, what is The Streamlined Collective anyways?

The Streamlined Collective Program is a 6-Module program that teaches you how to streamline and automate your client process, not forgetting to add in those special touches that will make you stand out from your peers.

By the end of the program, you'll...

     Have a fully mapped out process of how you work with your clients...no

     more guessing what the next step is (for you or your client!)

     Have integrated in the 3 magic packs to help keep your clients happy

     Figured out your tech stack, one that suits you and your businesses needs

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.

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Here's how the program breaks down...


The Basics

Before you jump into the fun stuff, we need to make sure you have a full understanding of the basics.

In this module you're going to learn...

     What the different stages of the client experience are and why

     it's important

     What the purpose of each stage is

     And what to include in each one


The Happiness Factor

It's time to add in those three magic packs to keep your clients (and you!) happy!

In this module you're going to learn...

     What the 3 packs are, when to use them and what to include in


     How to set boundaries

     How to set expectations

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Map Your Client Process

Now it's time to get that messy process out of your head and into a streamlined checklist.

In this module you're going to learn...

     How to map out your process in 4 easy steps


Templates & Tech

This module is all about figuring out your tech stack to help you automate your client process. 

In this module you're going to learn...

     What templates you need to create to make life super simple

     How to create a template library


     What tech you can use to help you make your process


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Client Management

So, everything streamlined and as automated as it can be...what about managing your client process? How are you going to make sure everything stays on track?

In this module you're going to learn...

     The 3 different ways you can manage your client process

     How you set up each of these



Unfortunately, you can't just sit back and hope that this is all going to look after itself. This module is dedicated to maintaining your lovely new system.

In this module you're going to learn...

     How to keep on top of your inbox, because, I'm sorry, but

     you're still going to get emails!

     How to organise your files and folders. Yes, desktops with 50

     files scattered across it is going to become something of the


     When and how to do resets to keep on top of all the admin

I've built implementation into the curriculum to make sure you reach the finish line...


With 2 calls every month you have the opportunity to have 1:1 time with me - either in a group call or a hot seat call.


Need some accountability...you've got a group of like-minded people in the Facebook group to help you out!


This program is laid out in a way that makes it as easy as possible to succeed.


All the templates you could possibly need to make this process as simple as possible.

The Streamlined Collective


Choose the best plan for you...


A program that follows my signature method...The Streamlined Method

Streamlined Session (group call) held once a month

Hot Seat Calls held once a month

Community Support (private Facebook group)


Automate & Amaze with Dubsado course (worth £197)

The Client Experience Template Bundle (worth £97)

The Productivity Bundle, an additional module (worth £49)





The Streamlined Collective Guarantee
We're behind you 100%

I want you to know, I do have a 30-day money-back guarantee because I want you to feel confident when you join The Streamlined Collective, I know you'll get the result when you work through the program. 


I believe in this system so much and I want you to believe in this system as much as me, and that's why I have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you do not get results and you do all the work in 30-days I will give you your money back.



I'm Laura


Trust me when I say I was where you are now. I was doing everything manually, I had no set templates and the backend of my business was a hot mess!

I was starting to gain momentum and knew that something needed to give. I couldn't keep working all the hours under the sun (on top of a part-time job). My focus was purely selfish, I wanted to automate parts of my business to take a few tasks off my todo list. 

What I didn't realise what that in the process of me streamlining the way I work with clients, those clients were benefiting to. I started to get emails from clients praising me on how easy [insert task] was. I then realised I'd been focusing my marketing attention on the wrong places.

It's taken me years to perfect the method of how I work with clients and how I can make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for everyone. It's time to share what I know!

Is this right for you?

You're a service-based business owner


Who wants more time to be able to grow your business


And finally create consistent income with a streamlined, automated client process that makes your clients love on you hard!

Don't let another month go by before creating a referral-worthy client experience
You have questions...I have answers

What is beta?

I am currently beta testing the program, this means that this is not fully built out at the moment. I am releasing new lessons every month (minimum 2 per month). The benefit of joining during beta testing is that you get your price locked in at just £37 per month. Once beta has finished the price will be increasing, but you will forever be charged just £37 per month. Another benefit of joining now and becoming a founding member is that you get to have your say in how this program is formed. I am open to all feedback and if you think that you need a lesson about something I hadn't even thought about, well, I can add this in. We create this program together!

Is it drip fed?

Whilst we're beta testing, yes. The content will be drip fed, but once the program is fully formed there will not be monthly updates of lessons (unless I get guest speakers in or unless there is a lesson that can be added which is highly requested.

How do I know if I'm a right fit for your program?

Hey, listen, you might not be! If you are not someone who is going to join this program and take action, I don't know if you're a good fit because you're not going to get the result. So if you're saying yes I need a referral-worthy client experience. Yes, I need automated systems. Then you need to sign up right now and I want you to block off your calendar for when you're going to go through the lessons. If you have any questions that I haven't covered here, please email me at hello@thestreamlinedcompany.co.uk or dm me on Instagram @thestreamlinedco and we can chat more.

Do I get lifetime access?

Nope, not unless you sign up for the monthly package and stick with me for forever!

Will I be able to ask you questions if I need extra support?

Of course! There is a Facebook group for members only where you'll be able to ask for advice, along with two calls every month. One is a group call where you can submit questions for me to answer. The second is a hot seat call where you can apply to be on the call with me for 15 minutes and you will get to pick my brains about one question.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Because intensive spots are super limited, there will be no refunds or cancellations. Should you have to cancel due to extenuating circumstances, please reach out to me at least one week in advance of the session so that we can work something out.

What is the refund policy? Cancellation policy?

Because this is a membership, you need to give 30 days notice to cancel your subscription. There will be no refunds given once you have accessed the course platform.

Do I need to be a service-based business?

Yes, my area of knowledge is with service-based businesses, so all the guidance is based on this industry.


The Streamlined Collective


Choose the best plan for you...


A program that follows my signature method...The Streamlined Method

Streamlined Session (group call) held once a month

Hot Seat Calls held once a month

Community Support (private Facebook group)


Automate & Amaze with Dubsado course (worth £197)

The Client Experience Template Bundle (worth £97)

The Productivity Bundle, an additional module (worth £49)