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Simply Streamlined


I'm Laura

If this is the first time we’ve met, welcome to my stand-in sales page whilst my website is getting a bit of a refresh!And if you’ve stumbled here looking for more information on what I do, well you’re in the right place.


I help women streamline and automate their services to create a referral-worthy client experience without spending 10+ hours a week on admin.


Essentially, I take the process you currently have working with your clients, I add in lots of magical touches, and automate the shit out of it! Leaving you with clients who will love on you super hard because the way you provide your service isn’t messy and confusing. Don’t forget about all that extra time in your day as you won’t be needing to do everything manually, you’ll have a lovely automated service to do it for you.I’m all about simplicity. Making your day to day life within your business as simple as it can possibly be, so you can spend more time on the things that make you sparkle.

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Who is this for?

This is for you if you have an online service-based business.


You’re business is growing and you’re struggling to find the time for...well, pretty much everything.


You feel like the backend of your business is a hot mess (yes, we’ve all been there, you’re not alone!)

You’ve heard all about the magical-ness of Dubsado, but you just don’t have the time to set it up or even begin to understand how to set it up.

You’re looking for a pro to swoop in and help you reach that goal of less admin and more time.

You've tried all the Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, email marketing tips and none of them are getting you a constant stream of new clients.

You hadn’t even contemplated that you needed a better client experience, but now that I’ve mentioned it, you want that too!

My Guarantee To You

When you book me for a day, you’re buying my time (and my undivided attention) and not a set of deliverables.


I have a tried and tested strategy and framework I use on my VIP days which means my process is as streamlined as it can possibly be. For example, with the Dubsado setup day, I tackle the setup workflow by workflow, which means I’m not leaving the building of the workflows to the very last moment when I could possibly run out of time. Starting with the most important workflows first, which guarantees their completion.


‘If’... there are any parts of the build that are not completed once our time is up, you’ll have clear instructions on how to complete them. Or you can book me at a reduced rate for an extra half-day to complete the project.


So, just know, when you book me for a day, you’ll get my 100% focus.


I only work with one client at a time, so my emails will be closed down (we communicate on Slack). My phone will be in another room (because nobody needs that kind of distraction!Ugh Reels will be the death of me!). For the 6 hours you’ve booked me for, I’ll be all yours.

My Signature Process



Head back to the email I just sent you and click the button to book a 20-min discovery call to find out more and whether we're a good fit!

We'll chat about your goals for your business and specifically your client experience.



After we've had our call I'll send you a custom proposal that is specific to your needs and wants. The amount of services you offer and the complexity of the services will dictate how many VIP days you will need to complete your Dubsado setup



We kick off the project with a strategy session to map out your client journey. At the end of the day you'll receive a Client Experience Roadmap that details your workflows and content checklist.



Now we have your lovely mapped out workflows, we know exactly what is needed within them. 

Don't worry, I'll help you out as much as possible at this stage, with lots of workbooks, templates, swipe files!



This can vary from 1-4 days, depending on the number and complexity of services. Basically, you can sit back and watch as your account gets built-out before your eyes!

We end with a call to walk-through everything I've created.



Don't worry, I've got your back whilst you get started using Dubsado. With 30 days of support, which also includes 2 hours of implementing any changes necessary.

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How I Can Help You

Don't worry, on our discovery call we'll chat through which option is best for you!

The Setup

  • 2-3 hour Zoom call to map out your custom client journeys

  • Your own bespoke Client Experience Roadmap which includes your detailed client journeys and a content list of everything needed within those journeys

  • Access to a Client Prep Pack, with templates, workbooks, swipe files, to help you create the content needed within your client journeys

  • 1 to 3 VIP Day(s) (6 hours per day) to complete a full Dubsado setup of everything we've mapped out within your Client Experience Roadmap

  • 30 days of support via Slack to help you get started using Dubsado


The Strategy

  • 1 or 2 VIP Day(s), 6 hours per day

  • 2-3 hour Zoom call to map out your custom client journeys

  • Your own bespoke Client Experience Roadmap which includes your detailed client journeys and a content list of everything needed within those journeys

  • 30 days of support via Slack to help you get started setting up your client journeys within Dubsado


The Support

  • Just call me your Dubsado wing-woman!

  • Support via Slack to help you as you are getting started using Dubsado

  • 3 hours of hands-on help (to be used 1 hour per month)

  • Does not include any strategy (e.g. workflow mapping) 


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Top 10 Reasons Why I Love



Clients love the undivided attention they get for a full day


It's FAST...They love this! Turns a 6 week project into a one or two day project!

You have questions...I have answers
Click the button below to view all the most frequently asked questions. Have a question that's not answered? Send me an email at hello@thestreamlinedcompany.co.uk and I'll get back to you with the answer!