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Simply Streamlined


Here's a few videos to help you get started...
There's a couple of things I need you to do before we get to building everything out. I've created some quick little videos on how to do these, along with links to the Dubsado resources if you get stuck. But, just know that I'm always here to help you if you do get stuck. Sometimes it makes more sense to go straight to Dubsado though, as they will be able to access the backend of your account to see what's going on.
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Connect Your Email

Please make sure you connect your email to your Dubsado account…

Connect Your Calendar

It is important, if you are going to use the scheduler feature, to make sure your calendar is synced properly with Dubsado. This will mean that Dubsado will have the ability to check your availability in your calendar before it lets someone book an appointment with you.

There’s a couple of calendar settings that are hidden away from the rest of the settings, and can easily be overlooked, but are VERY important!

This is where you sync your calendar. Maybe you’re like me and have 6 different Google Calendars, but only want to sync one of them. This is where you do this so that you don’t see everything within Dubsado.


There are 4 options when it comes to how you can receive money:

Bank transfer - adding your bank details into the footer of your invoices; Stripe; Square; PayPal

The last 3 do have charges involved - if you are not familiar with any of these it would be best to do some research on which one will suit you best. You can connect more than one too!

I would strongly suggest you consider using a payment processing tool, because the cost that is incurred greatly outweighs the admin time it takes to manually apply payments in Dubsado. However, this is something only you can decide.

Connect Quickbooks

If you use QuickBooks Online Small Business: Essentials, Simple Start, and Plus, you can directly integrate this with your Dubsado account. Click the link below to learn how to do this.

Connect Xero

If you use Xero, you can directly integrate this with your Dubsado account. Click the link below to learn how to do this.

Connect Video Conferencing

This allows you to integrate the following video conferencing softwares: Zoom, Google Meets, 8x8, GoTo Meeting.

But first you need to make sure you have connected your calendar, so, if you haven't done this already, go do it now! Adding this feature in means Dubsado will create a link which can be used in confirmation and reminder emails. One less task for you to do.

Amend Domain Name

This can be an awkward step to complete but this is important as it means that any links you send out for forms, client portal, invoices etc. will have your url instead of a Dubsado url.

If you're struggling with this one in the backend of your website, just Google '[website provider's name e.g. Wordpress] CNAME' and you will find a help article from your website provider on how to amend the CNAME.


I've linked a few guides below: